While it's great that Verizon's Apple customers will finally be able to surf and talk(assuming VOLTE comes out as promised even with its delays), Verizon still has shit customer service, and $$$$ plans. No thanks. AT&T(for me at least) has been stellar with customer service, great coverage and no dropped calls. » 9/11/14 3:13pm Thursday 3:13pm

I am in a similar boat, though my budget is <$25k. For those in the market, I would recommend my current car, a G37 6MT Coupe. You can find clean ones for under $20k and though even heavier than the 370Z, it really is a great all around car that offers 335i performance and luxury without the reliability/maintanance… » 9/08/14 11:05am 9/08/14 11:05am