How lenient is the traction control when fully on? Can you leave it on and get the best times that way? I only ask this because everyone(including me) always thinks they can out perform the stock settings and control the beast, but ultimately everyone ends up on youtube with the #asshat tag. » 1/15/15 1:39pm 1/15/15 1:39pm

Went ahead and bought my first car that was financed and from a dealer, 12 WRX hatchback a couple months back CPO. I searched for awhile for a Limited one with Nav/heated leather/fogs, no modifications, and still under warranty. Tuned and even stock wrx's have been seen to have engine issues and a clean reliable oneā€¦ » 1/14/15 6:04pm 1/14/15 6:04pm

Sit in one. The VW manages to look like a couple years old Audi(which has some of the best quality and looking interiors) while Ford is trying to reinvent a spaceship as previously said. VW may have questionable reliability for used cars, but their interiors are functionally pretty. » 1/12/15 10:54am 1/12/15 10:54am