For all the people who dislike the truck: unless you've driven and compared this to others in its segment, you won't understand why it's a great value and truck in its own right. It's probably the most comfortable to roadtrip, smoothest to drive, has better towing power, and is in most cases cheaper. Even parallel… » 4/18/14 10:08am Yesterday 10:08am

It really is a fantastic truck. As I stated before, it has the highest towing numbers in it's class and comes loaded with options for a cheaper price than the Escalade, Land Cruiser(don't even ask about the LX), and the GL. It's reliable, has off-road prowess if needed, and though polarizing, looks great to some. My… » 4/16/14 9:31am Wednesday 9:31am

I don't see why everyone is so happy about this. Cars like this, the Cube, xB, Juke, GT-R, Element, Amigo, Avalanche, Cooper, hell even the Aztek....they are cars that are as un-beige as you can get. They represent car makers thinking outside the box and being willing to try new things. True the Cabrio is an odd car,… » 4/15/14 4:44pm Tuesday 4:44pm